Thursday, January 5, 2017

New publication co-edited by Eeva Sippola with a contribution by Maria Mazzoli

Language Ideologies in Music – Emergent Socialities in the Age of Transnationalism
Edited by Eeva Sippola, Britta Schneider and Carsten Levisen
Language & Communication 52: 1-116. (January 2017)

This special issue, edited by Eeva Sippola (University of Bremen, Postcolonial Language Studies), Britta Schneider (FU Berlin) and Carten Levisen (Roskilde U), brings together researchers studying language ideologies in musical practices. The articles in the special issue explore how language, music, and social ties are co-construed in the age of transnationalism and examine globally distributed strands of music in diverse linguistic settings. Maria Mazzoli’s (University of Bremen, Postcolonial Language Studies) article about reggae and Nigerian Pidgin in Lagos, Nigeria, is to be found next to studies of reggae in Vanuatu, music in Jamaica, rap in the Nordic countries, pop in Russia, global country music, and choral singing in Trinidad. The results shed new light on local appropriations of music and language in transnational cultural spheres and the discursive processes that shape them.