Monday, April 3, 2017

INPUTS lecture series

"Changing ecologies: language, culture and the environment"

This lecture series will focus on changing ecologies in the global era from linguistic, cultural and environmental perspectives. The ecological approach functions as a transdisciplinary platform for studying the coexistence of languages, communities, and cultures in a society and their interactions with each other and the natural environment. Within this approach, languages and cultures are studied as systems of interrelations; they cannot be studied in isolation from the totality of human behaviour and from natural circumstances, and these circumstances both affect and are shaped by languages and cultures.

The series is organized in cooperation with the Institute for postcolonial and transcultural studies (INPUTS) at the University of Bremen and it serves as the platform for the INPUTS forum. It will feature introductory thematic lectures followed by guest lectures on current research topics. 

Attention: Evelyn Camille's talk on April 6 will take place in room B3009.