Sunday, June 12, 2016

Workshop on Discourse Analysis

The workshop "Fostering Interdisciplinary Communication - Discussing Approaches to Discourse" is going to be held on 30 June 2016 from 9:00-19:30 in GW2 at the University of Bremen. It is organized by Joanna Chojnicka (Postcolonial Language Studies) in cooperation with Worlds of Contradiction.

The workshop brings together doctoral and postdoctoral researchers from the fields of linguistics, history, and cultural and social sciences, who will share their experiences and discuss advantages and disadvantages of applying the method within and across their respective disciplines. Participants will have the unique opportunity to express their concerns, work on possible solutions, learn from each other’s practice, and develop a positive approach to communication across fields in humanities and social sciences, with the overarching goal of establishing new and fostering already existing networks, links and connections. 

The workshop format of the meeting supports intensive collaborative work, while the small size of the group (max. 10 participants) and informal atmosphere guarantee an honest and open discussion. More information on the workshop's website.